Reviews Rangoli Festival of Food

based on 18 reviews
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  1. Sandy K.
    • 34 reviews

    Great food. Hidden gem

  2. Anna Y.
    • 18 reviews

    We went with a 50% off deal which we did not even need to use because the lunch deal was fantastic and worth the value. Place is decorated nicely, attentive staff and the food was beautiful.

  3. A A.
    • 260 reviews

    It is hard to write a review of a restaurant where the food is Fantastic , the servings are small ,the service is very slow but I want to go back anyway.

  4. A A.
    • 290 reviews

    Nice ambience. 50% off food special is great value.

  5. James M.
    • 8 reviews

    The food here is delicious but the speed of service was infuriating. The tension in the restaurant could be cut with a knife as there were so many tables waiting for their food. We received our food about 1 hour after ordering. This was really disappointing as it’s such a beautiful set up. We probably would not come back until the speed of service has been rectified - long way to go but this is a bad start for a new establishment.

  6. Dakshay J.
    • 5 reviews

    We ordered a range of veg and meat dishes.. all were delicious. So pleased with the décor and setting of this restaurant. Great service, excellent value and some of the best Indian food we've had in Sydney. We'll be back!

  7. A A.
    • 255 reviews

    Was really disapointed on the whole. Took 45 minutes for a dish to arrive. Exorbitantly priced. Not worth visiting at all

  8. Rob H.
    • 21 reviews

    The waiter/waitress were very attentive. The food is not your normal Indian cuisine but so delicious. Great ambience and made you enjoy the food more. I would go back again.

  9. Yen N.
    • 9 reviews

    Very nice food.

  10. A A.
    • 240 reviews

    The waiting time was too long, especially for naan bread

  11. Sid B.
    • 40 reviews

    Decent Indian food with the usual dishes on the menu. Nothing that will excite your senses. Service a major letdown with communication in English being a major challenge.

  12. A A.
    • 282 reviews

    The Food was exceptional. Ordered Butter Chicken and Laal Mass and wild Mashroom khichdi and Malai Kofta and Garlic and chilli Naan and Pilow Rice and ordered Wine MR Riggs Stick end Adelaide Hills Rose and dessert Chocolate Lava Cake and every thing was outstanding and service was exceptional. A true gem and one I would recommend for sure and truely amazing in the heart of Sydney CBD.

  13. A A.
    • 251 reviews

    The best Indian restaurant in Sydney in my life

  14. A A.
    • 247 reviews

    Good authentic Indian food, nice to try out

  15. A A.
    • 276 reviews

    Food was very delicious, great quality. Atmosphere wasn't that great but not alot of people there as it is a new venue. Getting the attention of waitresses was a bit difficult at times too.

  16. A A.
    • 248 reviews

    The restaurant is newly opened and still going through early days teething issues - waiting staff not adequately trained on serving etiquette or the menus, forgetting to bring some of the order and general inattentive was. However the serving staff were friendly and the food was very good - we had the banquet menu at the Fork Festival half price offer which represented great value. The entrees were very flavoursome and bursting with flavour, mains were solid (butter chicken and lamb shoulder curry) and the desserts were generously sized and a great combination of flavours, especially the orange dessert and kulfi. The restaurant is tastefully decorated and tables are well spaced out . I would come back again.