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  1. A A.
    • 276 reviews

    Was able to book but was not even open Wasted our night Tried to call the restaurant but no answer Shouls update the web

  2. A A.
    • 286 reviews

    The menu is quite different from general Indian menu . They have general Indian dishes as well as dumplings and chow mein like Chinese influence dishes . We had puffy rice with our meal which was delicious and very different. The menu includes lamb, prawn, mutton brain and mutton tongue!! We will be happy to go back again with bigger group of people so that we can try several dishes.

  3. Alan C.
    • 3 reviews

    There was no Dimmi booking when we arrived, we had to ask three times for wine glasses and after an hour and a half wait had to shovel down our food to get to the theatre. We even mentioned when we arrived that we were on a deadline but this was not met. The only highlight is that the food is good.

  4. Alan C.
    • 3 reviews

    Good food again! We will return.

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89 Railway Street, 2216, Rockdale, Australia

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Cultural Cuts Red Capsicum is humble and homey – just the way we like it. The restaurant has a special kind of charm, with its neatly decorated tables, elaborately folded napkins and cute hanging lamps. Here, you’re sure to have a lovely night out – a great feast all for a great price. The menu brings together cultural dishes from India, Nepal, and the people of the Kathmandu Valley – the Nawari. Red Capsicum do all of our Indian and Nepalese favourites, and have a huge tandoori selection of rich curry-drenched meats and vegies slow cooked in the traditional tandoor. If you’ve never tried Newa food before, you’re in for a real treat. It’s similar to Nepalese and Indian food in many ways but with its own cultural inflections that makes it unique. Feeling adventurous? Red Capsicum has a number of delicacies on the menu that you’d be a fool to miss out on. Try their marinated mutton lungs, mutton brains or mutton tongue... steeped in spices and pan fried – yum! Come to Red Capsicum and have an unforgettably wonderful dining experience. Best dish: chatamari – Newa Pizza

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