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Feeling hot, hot, hot! Red Chilli Sichuan Restaurant in Chatswood isn’t for the faint-hearted. In fact, Red Chilli (who also has restaurants across Sydney and Melbourne) prides itself on serving up spicy hot dishes, just like you’d find in the real Sichuan restaurants in China. This upmarket Chinese restaurant has been designed in traditional Sichuan style, with some furnishings actually imported all the way from China to really give diners the full cultural experience.And it’s not just the decorations that have come from China! In fact, the team at Red Chilli are so dedicated to providing authentic Sichuan specialities; they also import ingredients from the local regions in China for a true taste of spicy Sichuan.Expect lots of garlicky goodness, punchy chilli and a plethora of seafood options. If you’re not quite up for a fire-breathing meal, don’t worry! The menu is helpfully marked with a chilli scale so you can choose the amount of heat you prefer. Red Chilli: the hottest night of your life! Best dish: Mao Xue Wang.

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