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Seafood selection

Premium sashimi selection (for 4 people)

Salmon, tuna, kingfish, oyster, today’s white fish, scampi, squid, scallop & salmon roe.

Entree fish sashimi

Salmon, tuna, kingfish & oyster


Spinach and almond salad

Fresh spinach, tuna flake, sliced onion & sliced almond, served with original soy sauce dressing.

Wagyu beef "tataki" salad

Lightly roasted beef sashimi & mixed vegetables, served with seasonings, soy garlic & french dressing

Beef sashimi dish

Premium wagyu beef sashimi (6pcs)

Very tender wagyu beef sashimi.

Premium wagyu "Yukke"

Premium wagyu beef tartar served with finely chopped shallots, sesame oil, garlic & egg yolk on top.

Pickles and side dish

Wasabi side dishes

3 kinds of wasabi dishes & Korean dried seaweed.

Assorted kimchi

Wagyu premium selection

Wagyu chuck rib

Well-marbled high quality tender rib. Popular dish. Flavor: BBQ sauce or Salt&Pepper

Wagyu short rib

Prime cut of rib, fully marbled. Rarity of this cut makes it very popular. Flavor: BBQ sauce or Salt&Pepper

Wagyu OX-tongue

Wagyu OX-tongue in thick cut. Juicy and tenderness, served with natural salt & citrus pepper.

BBQ style

Premium pork shabu-shabu (loin)

Thinly sliced grain fed pork loin shabu-shabu style.

Milk fed rack of lamb

Meat from an unweaned lamb, typically 4 to 6 weeks old and weighing 5.5 to 8kg. Most elegant flavour in the lamb meat.


Sanuki udon

Sanuki udon noodle, seaweed, deep fried tofu, tempura flakes, shallots & dried seaweed in traditional Japanese soup. Sanuki udon is Japan's most popular udon noodle.

"Zaru" soba

Made from delicious and nutritious soba flour. Served with our special soba sauce & wasabi.


Beef rib soup

A spicy soup with beef rib & vegetables

Seaweed soup

A healthy soup with plenty of seaweed.

Rice dish


Chopped eel with Japanese pepper (san-sho), salmon roe, finely chopped shallots, egg and red pickled ginger decorated nicely on top of rice. Teriyaki sauce is poured in, to complete this superb dish.


Chopped fish sashimi and prawns, salmon roe, egg and dried seaweed decorated on top of vinegared rice.


Wagyu beef (200gr)
Assorted vegetables
Udon noodles

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