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Food :8.6/10
Service :8.5/10
Setting :8.5/10
  1. Gavan L.
    Gavan L.
    • one review

    There was far too much salt in the mussel stew. The sashimi was a little stringy (though kingfish & tuna was fine). Below it's normal excellent cooking for these dishes.

  2. Benjamin K.
    Benjamin K.
    • one review

    This is now becoming a favourite restaurant of mine, having celebrated two birthdays there. The steaks are cooked with perfection and also the servings of the sides are very large and fulfilling. The staff are wonderful and always provide a high level of service that makes it a comfortable dining experience.

  3. Catriona S.
    Catriona S.
    • one review

    There are so many other restaurants I would go to in melbourne over this one. The food is nice but the setting is awful. I really don’t like anything located near the casino and it is a big restaurant akin to sitting at a food hall. If you want somewhere intimate and nice stay away from this one.

  4. Chris S.
    Chris S.
    • 5 reviews

    Always a wonderful dining experience. Food is exceptional, service, second to none. Drinks prices are a little on the high side, but otherwise you can't fault The Rockpool. One of my favourite Melbourne restaurants.

  5. Mei T.
    Mei T.
    • 3 reviews

    Overall experience was great. The two let downs of the night were our main waitress who was quite rude (clothing was in black). However all waiters in white clothing provided exceptional service. So it was a real shame that service wasn't consistent in all staff. We also ordered a pork chip dish, and I had found one section of the pork that was raw. I alerted the waitress in the black clothing/dress, who showed this to another waiter, and then returned saying it was the fatty bit so it wasn't cooked properly. I found this not to be a valid excuse to serve raw food to customers, and especially based on the standards of Rockpool. The dish was not replaced nor any discounts taken off the bill, despite being served raw food.

  6. david L.
    david L.
    • one review

    The staff was not serving well and the food was not delicious either. We ordered the king white geogre fillet which is meant not to have bone with it however there was still hips on bones inside it. We couldnt finish off

  7. Ben S.
    Ben S.
    • one review

    The manager there with a pronounced moustache was standing over a young woman who was clearly only just starting with them. She got a little confused with the order but quickly sorted it out. The manager was standing in the background “glaring as her”. Just after our order was delivered and we commenced eating we saw the woman walking past the outside of the restaurant in tears. When we questioned him he was rude, dismissive and actually swore at us. I will never return and encourage anyone who thinks that bullies should not be in the workplace should also boycott the venue. To the young woman who served us. You did a wonderful job. Keep your chin up. Unfortunately you had a bully as a manager and Rockpool is clearly not a supportive environment in which to work.

  8. Martin C.
    Martin C.
    • 14 reviews

    Great high end restaurant, the meal was nice too. Although the entree I wanted already sold out by 7pm, so was a little disappointed. The service was good. Not sure I would say I would go back any time soon though.

  9. Jenny L.
    Jenny L.
    • one review

    They made you feel welcomed when you walked in. The atmosphere was pleasant. Service was excellent and the menu when asked about the menu they were helpful. Food was excellent. We would go again!

  10. Susan M.
    Susan M.
    • one review

    Look. It’s Rockpool so it’s not going to be awful but if the test for a restaurant is ”would I return?” It’s a no. Food was good, service was ok (although there’s nothing like saying whoops sorry the bar is closed whilst taking drinks orders from the next door big table to annoy), venue is quite cool. But for the hefty price tag there are better options in Melbourne.

  11. Deb B.
    Deb B.
    • 2 reviews

    Food needs to come with garnish of sone type

  12. Lisa R.
    Lisa R.
    • one review

    The food was delicious and amazing and the service Was welcoming and fabulous. We enjoyed our experience very much and will be returning as soon as possible

  13. Jean K.
    Jean K.
    • one review

    The atmosphere was alright, a bit too dark for pur liking. Service was standard but most disappointed with the food quality. I had quail for entree which was really salty and tangy. We had the steaks for main with side dishes. Steak was cooked perfectly BUT was very salty also.

  14. A A.
    A A.
    • 275 reviews

    Amazing night out with friends after the race Food was out of this world and staff unbelievable at their job Thank you

  15. Rob S.
    Rob S.
    • 2 reviews

    Rockpool has always been my favourite place to enjoy a wonderful experience and top quality service. The atmosphere is perfect with soft lighting elegant entrance and well placed seating with views of Melbourne , river and sidewalk views. On arrival the staff greeting is warm and sincere Unfortunately the experience is not the same standards with the table staff who I find have been quite rude at times ,clumsy, unprofessional and lack of attention to detail. The additional mustard selections that are available you have to ask for so if you don’t know of this pls ask as it adds that special flavour to a Wagyu medium rare . So the experience I have been introduced to some years ago has now slipped to a low and those special touches leave you at the front entrance. On a high note the wine selection has not faulted, so I would request if your struggling some advice from the Sommelier which will suggest and nice wine with your table order. Request the Sommelier through your waiter or you will not have that offering. I m not a critic nor wish to be .I expect a dinning experience that I’ve been used too for so many years there and I have always respected Rockpool and the time has come to speak up so pls experience Rockpool it has much to offer and deserves the continued to be up there in a fine dining experience.

  16. Greg B.
    Greg B.
    • 2 reviews

    Good special occasion dinner as always

  17. Bibi G.
    Bibi G.
    • one review

    Fantastic evening! Amazing food and fantastic service!! The fillet I had was the best piece of steak I’ve ever eaten and all the sides were superb. Desserts were not quite as amazing, a bit standard, but still nice of course. Drink list was a little $$$ with a glass of wine around $20 and a beer $12. Looking forward to going again on another special occasion.

  18. A A.
    A A.
    • 259 reviews

    Waitress and waiter just walk past you even when you are trying to flag them down. Asked 3 waitresses and all unable to recommend any dish and all said “they are all good, depend on what you feel like” Every staff seem to not want to be there even at the cashier. Meat Wine and Co down the road is way better with excellent service and food.

  19. A A.
    A A.
    • 291 reviews

    Food good, wine list over the top,

  20. Chermine D.
    Chermine D.
    • 13 reviews

    Our steak were cooked to perfection. We ordered medley of mushrooms as one of our side dishes & love love love it!

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8 Whiteman Street Crown Entertainment Complex, 3006, Southbank, Australia

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Melbourne City, South Wharf, Southbank

About the restaurant

Rockpool Bar & Grill Melbourne was inspired by the great steakhouses of North America. With an uncompromising focus on excellent produce – in particular the meat program – beef sourced from only Australia’s very best producers, an outstanding wine list and sharp and enthusiastic service, this is a dining venue that offers a refined yet relaxed experience…the menu is simple and uncomplicated, the room luxurious.

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