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à la carte

Something small

Vegetarian curry puffs (3)

Puff pastry filled with potato, carrot, green beans & onion served with sweet chilli sauce

Golden triangle (2)

Folded pastry filled with minced beef & vegetables in a mild curry flavour

Spring rolls (3) V

With minced chicken, rice vermicelli & vegetables

Pandan chicken (4)

Deep-fried boneless chicken marinated in Thai spices, wrapped in pandan leaf

Satay chicken (3) GF

Served with peanut sauce

Chef´s specialties

Crispy garlic chilli beef

Deep-fried sliced beef tossed with garlic, mild chilli and special sweet style soy sauce (mild)

Peppered pork

Deep-fried pork fillet marinated with fresh garlic, ground pepper & Thai herbs, served with sweet chilli sauce (mild)

Sizzling Mongolian lamb

Tender lamb fillet slices tossed with chili beans, shallot, onion, & baby corn, served in hot plate (med)

Lamb massaman curry

Slow-cooked lamb with massaman paste, coconut milk, potato & cashew nuts

Roasted duck curry

Roasted Duck with red curry paste, coconut milk, pineapple, capsicum & bamboo shoot


Tom yum GF


Chicken & sweet corn soup

Vegetables & side dishes

Mixed vegetables

Cooked with soy bean paste

Roti canai

Malaysian favourite flaky bread served with curry sauc

Something big

Choo chee GF


Noodles & rice

Vietnamese pork meatball noodles

Marinated pork meatballs on rice vermicelli noodle salad of fresh mints, lettuce & bean sprouts, served with Vietnamese chili fish sauce

“Rundle spices” noodles V

Wok fried fresh Thai noodles with shrimps, chicken, mild chili paste, fresh basil & vegetables

Drunken noodles V

Flat Thai noodles topped with minced chicken, vegetables & fresh basil in a dark tasty wine sauce, with a touch of chili

Pud Thai GF V

Famous Thai rice noodles fried with egg, shrimps, chicken & bean sprouts cooked with crushed peanuts

Pud mee V

Thai fried egg noodles with egg, chicken, bean sprouts & soy sauce

Hokkien noodles V

Egg noodles with chicken & vegetables in a tasty satay sauce


Coconut ice cream

Our special homemade ice cream blended with jackfruit

Fried ice cream

With topping choice of chocolate, caramel or strawberry

Banana fritter & ice cream

With topping choice of chocolate, caramel or strawberry

Thai banana sweet

Glutinous rice & banana coated with sweet red beans, wrapped in banana leaves, topped with coconut milk, ice-cream & sesame seeds (warm)

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