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à la carte

Good food month $120PP

Lobster gelee
Shark bay W.A. Razor Prawns

Yuzu kosho, black garlic

Hiramasa Kingfish

Kaffir kime, botterga, lemongrass.

Hawkesbury calamari

Sheep's milk labneh, oregano, lemon

Smoked duck

Aged cherry vinegar glazed figs, Iranian pistachio

Black angus beef

Bone marrow, radish, Foyot


Cardamom, beetroot, crème fraiche

Chefs Selection 5 course tasting menu




Please note: The main courses listed above are susceptible to change depending on market availabilty. All changes are will be indicated.
Drinks not included. Available on the booked timeslot.
Prices and dishes may change.
These prices do not include offers.