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Tom yum gai (pot)

Spicy and sour chicken soup with lemon grass and mushroom

Tom kah hed (pot)

Rich creamy coconut soup with mushroom & herbs

Gao lao neua (pot)

Non-spicy beef and vegetable soup


Pophia pak

Vegetable spring rolls accompanied by sweet chilli sauce

Towfu tod

Deep fried towfu served with sweet chilli, peanut and corriander sauce

Chicken satay

Skewered sticks of chicken fillet served with thick peanut sauce


Gang gai

Tender chunks of chicken breast in coconut curry

Gang ped

Red duck curry with cherry tomatoes and lychess

Spicy salads

Yum tang

Cucumber, egg and tomato salad with peanuts

Yum neua

Grilled beef salad

Stir- fry

Pad pak ruam mit

Stir fry mixed vegetables

Tofu tua ngork

Stir fry towfu and beansprouts with salted fish

Neua pad prik normai

Stir fry beef with bamboo shoot and chilli

Whole fish dishes

Plaa rad prik

Deep fried whole fish topped with chilli sauce (market price)

Noodles & rice

Pad sie aiew

Thin flat noodles stir fry with bok choy, egg, chicken and dark sauce

Chef´s special

Neua yang nam tok

Grilled marinated beef served with spicy hot sauce

Som tam

Green paw paw salad with mild chilli Thai dressing and topped with roasted peanuts

Koong pad sum rod

Stir fry prawns with cashew nuts in sweet & spicy tamarind chilli sauce

Gang par neua/gai

Autentic Thai hot & spicy "jungle" curry without coconut milk (chicken)



Steamed tapioca pearls served in coconut milk

Black rice
Ice cream (per scoop)
Coconut ice cream (per scoop)
Ice cream and mixed seasonal fruits
Stewed banana in coconut milk
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