Reviews Sang's Asian Cuisine

  1. A A.
    A A.
    • 263 reviews

    A very good Asian restaurant

  2. Lizzy P.
    Lizzy P.
    • 18 reviews

    Great food and reasonable prices

  3. Leah B.
    Leah B.
    • 82 reviews

    Delicious, authentic Vietnamese food.. a good menu - great specials and friendly service.. thankU..

  4. A A.
    A A.
    • 257 reviews

    Always good food and reasonably priced.

  5. Susan W.
    Susan W.
    • 8 reviews

    We asked to sit outside but no atmosphere! Some decor additions needed.

  6. Susan W.
    Susan W.
    • 8 reviews

    Gluten reaction even though menu order and booking was for gluten free.

  7. John R.
    John R.
    • 5 reviews

    Like last time - great service, experience and delicious food! But also like last time, we weren't offered a dessert menu again, even though we shared a curry and rice as our main.

  8. Carolyn F.
    Carolyn F.
    • one review

    Great food, good value, very good staff, would visit again

  9. Kerry W.
    Kerry W.
    • 6 reviews

    It seems this old favourite has changed ownership/management and is not as good as it used to be. Meals are the same prices but not of the same standard. We waited at least 10 minutes after being seated before anyone came to serve us. One order was incorrect, but the replacement was so quick it must have been pre-made.

  10. A A.
    A A.
    • 261 reviews

    Good food - the Penang Bugs are well worth trying. Service is very friendly.

  11. Tracey S.
    Tracey S.
    • 3 reviews

    Great night with beautiful food full of taste and very fresh. My new favourite

  12. Judy H.
    Judy H.
    • one review

    A wonderful little restaurant always great food great service

  13. Glenn B.
    Glenn B.
    • 12 reviews

    Very good food that was flavoursome and fresh. Chicken red curry was great.

  14. Alicia H.
    Alicia H.
    • one review

    Fantastic service and the food was exceptional - wonderful experience. We will be back.

  15. A A.
    A A.
    • 276 reviews

    Could not find our online booking. Was not a problem as I had a copy on my phone and there seemed plenty of room.

  16. Kerry T.
    Kerry T.
    • 19 reviews

    Great food, service & staff very attentive.

  17. Jill O.
    Jill O.
    • one review

    Excellent dumplings Great pork belly Very little food left so everyone enjoyed their meal

  18. A A.
    A A.
    • 272 reviews

    A bit disappointing after reading such rave reviews. To be fair we may not have ordered too well. We ordered: - crispy pepper pepper M prawns (3/5) - curry puffs (3/5) - pork belly (2/5) - massman beef (1/5) - 2 beers The massman curry itself was well flavoured but the beef was well below average with a poor poor cut and overall the killer of the dish. The service is really friendly, though they took the bottle of beer away before it was finished! Ambience was quite nice but not enough to overturn the above and at over $40 per person.

  19. Nick G.
    Nick G.
    • one review

    Food was absolutely delicious. Highly recommended

  20. Colin W.
    Colin W.
    • one review

    Service was great. Very attentive!