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Taquitos for everybody

Cochinita tacos: 2p (GF)

Slow cooked marinated pork in achiote paste topped with red pickled onions

Beef tacos: 2p (GF)

Sautéed beef with onion topped with potato

Mushrooms Tacos: 2p (GF/V/VG)
Cabo tacos 2p (GF)

Cravings delights

Chorizo croquettes: 2p

Chorizo, potato, cotija cheese & a touch of coriander aio

Veggie tamales: 2p (GF/V)

Cornmeal dough stuffed with vegetables & cheddar cheese steamed in a banana leaf

Nachos (GF/V/*VG)

Corn tortilla chips covered in tomato sauce & melted cheddar cheese with typical Mexican topping

Gratined broccoli (GF/V)

Parmesan & cheddar cheese, drizzle with guajillo-walnuts butter & essence of truffle

Taquito salad (GF/V/*VG)

Grilled baby cos lettuce topped with cactus, corn, fresh cheese & tomato dressing

Sweet Potato Chips GF/V/*VG)

Served with sweet chilli sour cream

Albondigas 3p (GF)

Beef meatballs stuffed with hard-boiled egg in a tomato sauce served with black beans

Selection from specials

Beef alambre: 2p (GF)

Sautéed beef, onion, capsicums and cheese, served with a cople of corn tortillas

Tortilla soup (GF)

A tomato base soup with crispy tortilla, chicken, avocado, sour cream, cheese and guajillo chilli

Chicken tostadas: 2p (GF)

Crispy flat tortilla topped with sour cream, chicken, fresh lettuce and tomato sauce

Green enchiladas: 3p (GF/V)

Corn tortilla rolled around requeson cheese filling and covered with green tomatillo sauce

Pork gorditas: 2p (GF)

Fried cornmeal dough stuffed with pulled pork with onion, coriander and lime on the side


Guacamole (GF/V/VG)
Pico de gallo (GF/V/VG)

Fresh salsa with chopped tomato, red onion & coriander

Black beans (GF/V/VG)

Refried black beans topped with cotija cheese

Sweet ending

Tipsy corn (GF/V)

Baked sweet corn cake with mezcal cream sauce

Impossible cake (V)

Chocolate cake stacked with creamy vanilla flan

Buñuelos (V/GF)

Crispy fried dough sprinkled with sugar and cinnamon


Bottle of water
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