• à la carte

à la carte

Snacks - Mezze


Brown butter, chickpeas and lavash


Red pepper and walnuts, yoghurt flat bread

Oysters (each)

Apple, anise and pink peppercorn

Bastourma and egg (each)

Garlic jam, toasted briache

Wild green and feta boreg (each)

Aleppo mayo

Kataifi wrapped lamb (each)


Medium - Michag

Cured ocean trout

Fennel, apple and sumac salad, crème fraiche and salmon roe

Grain salad

Cherries, labne, sprouts and shoots

Zucchini flower

Pickled beetroot, black garlic and ricotta

Crispy fried quail

Burnt cherry, pickled celery, preserved orange

Spanner crab manti

Tomato and chilli butter, warm yoghurt

Wagyu kefta

Charred cucumber, pickled onion, tomato jam

Big plates - Medz

Roasted green chermoula chicken

Blackened onions

Saffron jewelled rice

Uni, squash, smoked roe

Humpy doo barramundi

Sweet and sour eggplant, chickpeas

Cape grim beef short rib

Peppers, charred onions and corn

St. Bernard's pork

Fennel and barberries, apple, preserved lemon salsa verde


Triple cooked potatoes

Aleppo pepper, garlic and thyme

Mixed leaf salad

Radish, lemon and herbs

Roasted cauliflower

Rocket, raoisins and labne

Tomato braised beans

Feta, sumac

Sweet - Anoush

New style baklava

Filo, walnut toffee ice cream and salted caramel (2)

Chocolate cream

Braised peanuts, honeycomb, malted milk ice cream


Strawberries, rose, semolina biscuit

Honey cake

Roasted apricot, apricot tea, bitter almond ice cream

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