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Soup (gluten free)

Cooked daily from our ever-expanding recipe folio

Scent of green papaya (gluten free)

Shredded green papaya tossed with various raw vegetables,roasted cashews, organic tempeh and

Walnut Yuri Noodles

Korean clear noodles (100% sweet potato floor) tossed in sesame ginger oil, olive leaves paste, fresh herbs and sesame seeds. topping: julienned cucumber, cabbage, ginger, coriander, beancurd crisps, and caramelized walnuts.

Avocado magic (gluten free)

Avocado wedges and red capsicums rolled in thin eggplant slices then 'tempura fried’ in a rice batter, served with a jade green sesame coriander puree. A signature dish

Matcha Matcha (gluten free)

Pan fried organic tofu coated with matcha (imported japanese green tea) topped with caramelised victorial goldfields chestnuts, wakame, goji berried and cucumber ribbon salad. the dressing is matcha vinaigrette.

Mushroom hempseed Ravioli (gluten free)

Poached, freshly made ravioli filled with a mixture of mushrooms, hemo seeds and thai basil. stock: a mild soy milk and vegetables stock flavoured with lemongrass, galangai and kaffir lime leaves.

Blue Butterfly Pea Taro Cake

Baked taro cake of blue butterfly pea flowers ( clitoria ternatea), diced vegetables, preserved mustard greens and rice floor. sauce: caramelized chilli onions and wasabi (mild). topping: spring onion and red capsicum curls.


Croquettes Chinamoon

Crunchy croquettes consisting of yam, buckwheart, macadamia nuts and diced vegetables. this comes with herbal oil tossed steamed greens, kimchi and mild citrus red capsicum sauce.

Green, Green Laksa

Organic japanese udon noodles, young spinach, mushrooms and bean sprouts in a thai krachai (lesser galangal) and basil green curry coconut stock. this is topped with fried tofu, organic tempeh and fragrant herbs.

Satay Shakahari

Deep fried skewers of beancurd, seitan, onion and capsicum dressed with a mildly spiced peanut sauce. this dish comes with pickles, blanched greens and turmeric rice. a shakahari (carlton) house classic.

Curry Enak Enak

Malaysian flavoured curry of mixed vegetables cooked in a spiced coconut stock infused with fresh lemongrass, galangal and ginger-flower. this comes with spiced basmati brown rice (low gi), a puy lentil dhal, pickles and pappadam.

Spaghetti Secret

Calasparra spanish rice cooked in turmeric vegetable stock and pistachio. stew: grilled eggplant, red capsicum, zucchini, tomato, quince paste and seeded mustard. side: rocket greens in quince vinaigrette.

Lasagne delizioso

Vegan pasta sheets layered with kale, Brussel sprouts pinenut pesto and swede, Japanese pumpkin, beetroot and pumpkins seed. Side: steamed green vegetables with herbal olive oil. Sauce: turmeric, lemongrass, light aioli


Tofu caramel

Tofu caramel with crushed pistachio toffee and ginger Melaka (raw coconut sugar) sauce

Seasonal fruit crumble

This is baked with nutty short crust topping. The fruit variety changes

Black Sesame Pudding

Black sesame flour, organic soy milk and grated candied ginger. sauce: pumpkin and coconut sugar.

Raw Chocoalte Berry Mousse

Vegan mousse of mixed berries, dates, banana, belgian cacoa and organic coconut oil.

Lime Coconut "Cheesecake"

Coconut kaffir lime "cheesecake" set with agar-agar powder on a base of dates, walnuts and chia seeds.

Ice Cream Freshly Made

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Soy ice-cream (gluten free) (price per scoop)
Organic coconut ice-cream (gluten free) (price per scoop)

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