About Shinbashi

Better on your shins In order to bring to their customers the ultimate experience, the owners of Shinbashi Japanese restaurant have emulated the authentic Japanese BBQ establishment right here in Underwood. They aim to please with their attention to cultural detail – right down to the carefully selected cutlery! Their specially made sauces are designed to enhance every meal, especially the miso, but you probably won’t get the recipe because something this good is bound to stay a mystery. Their next level of dedication is to incorporate an interactive Japanese barbeque which means you can watch things being cooked or even cook for yourself. And sure, chairs are somewhat comfortable, but if you want the full experience then you must try the traditional tables where you’ll be kneeling for your supper. Fresh chicken soup made daily, the renowned Wagyu beef, and juicy ocean king prawns are just a few to mention. There are several Korean dishes to expand the flavours and an all you can eat buffet for when your hunger has simply taken you over and needs a good thrashing. Best Dish: Takoyaki

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