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Trio cold platter

Braised wheat gluten with sweet soy, Shanghai smoked rockling, black fungus with enoki mushroom and chili oil

Hot and sour cabbage with chili and rice vinegar
Tossed cucumber salad with crushed garlic


Superior daily soup
Seafood and spinach soup
Hot and sour soup

Silks specialities

Braised whole Tasmanian green lip abalone, Shiitake mushroom, bok choy (100g)
Sea cucumber, braised sliced abalone mushroom and lettuce
Double boiled Japanese Okiko sea cucumber, dried scallop, Shiitake mushroom in chicken consommé

Fresh live seafood

Morwong (per-order only), Coral trout, Barramundi, Murray cod (steamed w/)

Ginger and spring onion

Morwong (per-order only), Coral trout, Barramundi, Murray cod ( deep fried w/)

Sweet and sour sauce


Scallop enrobed in prawn mince, soy sauce, spicy salt
Stir-fried Japanese scallops, pineapple, bell peppers, spicy XO sauce*
Wok-fried Queensland king prawns, Chinese celery


Tender Valley Black Angus beef tenderloin, asparagus sautéed with honey black pepper
Diced Mayura wagyu beef (250g) with black truffle, pumpkin and wild mushroom


Roasted Peking Duck (Whole)

Wrapped in a thin pancake, cucumber, spring onions and plum sauce

Stir-fried Sichuan Barossa Valley chicken claypot


Sea cucumber, assorted seafood, mushroom and lettuce
Patagonian toothfish, minced pork and eggplant

Vegetarian selection

Vegetarian “Sung Choi Bao”

Finely diced vegetables in a crisp lettuce leaf (each)

Crispy silken tofu with spices and pepper
Crispy fried noodles with assorted wild mushrooms

Rice & noodles

Fried rice with seafood and chicken in abalone sauce
Wok-fried vermicelli with shredded duck in XO sauce

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