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à la carte


Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Crispy soft shell crab tossed with salt, pepper and spices, served with sweet chilli sauce

Som-Tum Thai

Salad of grated green papaya, prawn, crushed peanut and crispy soft shell crab with sweet lime juice dressing

Pho-Pei Tod (4 Rolls)

Vegetable spring roll, deep fried, served with sweet plum dipping sauce

Satay Chicken or Beef (4 Skewers)

Skewers of chicken or beef, charcoal grilled and topped with delicious peanut sauce


Tom-Kha Prawn or Chicken (GF)

Seasoned broth with prawn or chicken and mushrooms in coconut milk

Tom-Yum Prawn or Chicken (GF)

Favourite Thai hot and sour lemongrass soup with chicken or prawns and mushrooms


Clear seasoned broth with chicken, prawns, squid & vegetables

Main course

Pad-Pak (GF)

Stir-fried combination of vegetables with oyster or peanut sauce. All green vegetables

Kaeng Kheo-Waan (GF)

Green curry of chicken with eggplant and vegetables

Kaeng Masaman Beef (GF)

Thick red curry beef with potato

Kaeng-Ped Pet-Yang

Red curry roast duck with lychee, pineapple, eggplant, tomato, capsicum & basil

Pad Ka Pao (GF)

Stir-fried chicken, pork or beef with chilli, onion, spring onion & fresh basil

Rice & noodles

Kao-Pad Prik (GF)

Fried rice with chicken, egg, chilli and fresh basil

Drunken Noodle (GF)

Stir-fried Hokkien noodle Thai style with chicken, vegetable, chilli and basil

Pad-Thai (GF)

Traditional wok tossed rice noodle with egg, prawn, ground peanut, bean curd, chives & bean sprouts

Kao Pad

Fried rice with chicken, onion, spring onion and egg

Vegetarian dishes


Spring Rolls (4 Rolls)

Vegetable spring roll, deep fried, served with plum dipping sauce


Som-Tum (GF) (V) Thai salad of grated carrot and ground peanut with slightly sweet dressing of lemon juice

Larp Vegetable

Glass vermicelli with vegetable and beancurd, tossed with a mild spicy lime dressing


Tom Yum (GF)

Hot and sour lemon grass soup with vegetables and mushrooms

Vegetable Soup (GF)(V)

Vegetables with bean curd in clear soup

Main courses

Pad Ka-Pao (GF)(V)

Stir-fried beancurd and vegetables with fresh basil and chilli

Pad-Khing (GF)(V)

Stir-fried beancurd and vegetables with fresh ginger, spring onion, onion and capsicum

Kaeng-Dang (GF)(V)

Red curry with beancurd and vegetables in coconut milk

Kaeng-Kheo-Waan (GF)(V)

Green curry with beancurd and vegetables in coconut milk

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