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Double steamed soup

The steam King Buddha's delight supreme soup
Mini Buddha's delight supreme soup
Double steamed chicken soup in whole coconut
Double steamed mushroom vegetarian soup
Double steamed chicken claw soup with chestnut, gorgon fruit, peanut
Double steamed fish head soup with Chuangong, Baizi & Tianma

Cold cuts

Combination of Chiu Chow appetisers
Marinated beef shin

Steam dishes

Steam silky folk with Chinese sausage
Steamed fish fillet with mushroom Qizi in Lotus leaf
Steamed egg with prawn & dried scallop
Steamed scallop/abalone/oyster with XO sauce and bean vermicelli (market price)
Steamed crab with egg white and Shaoxing wine (market price)

From the wok

Stewed abalone with sea cucumber
Golden prawn / soft shell crab
Stir fried egg white

Rice & noodle

The steam king braised shark fin with rice
Steamed jasmine rice


Sweet dumplings with almond paste
Tapioca in whole coconut
Amber walnut

Dim sim & vegetables

The steam king chicken wonton soup
Steamed dumplings
Dimsum delight

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