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Pork Belly Bao

Slow braised pork belly, pickles, coriander, crushed peanuts

Crackling pork bao

Roasted pork belly, mixed cabbage, cucumber, Hoisin sauce

Korean Fried Chicken Bao

Chicken thigh with Korean sweet spicy sauce

Beef brisket bao

Red wine slow cooked beef brisket with black pepper sauce

Shanghai Duck Bao

Slow cooked duck breast, carrots, spring onion, cucumber

Tofu Bao

Tofu with teriyaki sauce, pickle ginger, cucumber, Japanese mayo

Bao Dog

Crackling Pork Bao Dog

Roasted pork belly, Asian slaw with capsicum sauce

Chicken Tom Yum Noodle Bao Dog

Stir fried chicken chicken with Tom Yum noodle


Fried Chicken Baoger

Buttermilk marinated chicken thigh,cabbage, spring onion with saffron aioli sauce

Eggplant Baoger

Batter coated eggplant, tomato, pickled cucumber, mixed leaves, spicy mayo and Yuxiang sauce

Rice & noodle

Braised Pork Rice

Taiwan style slow cooked diced pork, steam rice, pickles and fried onion flakes

Shanghai Duck Noodle

Slow braised cuck leg, vegetables, noodle with scallion soy sauce

Tonkotsu Ramen

Pork bone broth, bamboo shoot, soy egg, spring onion, fish cake


Popcorn chicken

Taiwan style fried chicken, basil with spicy mayo sauce

Fried Chicken Wings

thai style chicken with with Tom Yum sauce

Beef Tataki

Rare eye filet, sliced onion, house ponzu sauce

Lobster Spring Roll

Lobster, mushroom, mozzarella cheese with miso beurre blanc sauce

Vegetarian Spring Roll

Cabbage, carrot, glass noodle with sweet chili sauce

Pork Gyoza

pan fried pork gyoza with house spicy vinegar sauce

Takoyaki Skewer

Octopus balls, Okonomi sauce, Japanese mayo, bonito flakes

Chicken Skewer

Char grilled teriyaki chicken thigh, spring onion

Steam Chinese Broccoli

Steamed Chinese broccoli with mushroom oyster sauce and fried garlic flakes

Japanese Tofu

Tofu with sauteed vegetables, mirin, soy sauce

Yuxiang Eggplant

Roasted eggplant, pork mince with Yuxiang sauce

Sticky Fried Chicken (half)

Szechuan pepper infused fried chicken with sticky sweet sour sauce

Sticky Fried Chicken (whole)

Szechuan pepper infused fried chicken with sticky sweet sour sauce


Potato Chips with Aioli
Zucchini Chips
Lotus Root Chips
Steam Rice
Dipping Sauce

Spicy mayo/Tom Yum Mayo/Yuzu Kosho Mayo/ Kewpie Mayo


Oreo Ice cream Baoger

Homemade Oreo ice cream, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce

Milky Chips

Panko crumbed milk sticks with caramel sauce

Pink Lady

Strawberry cheesecake dumplings with strawberry ice cream


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Glass of wine
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