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à la carte


The prawn crackers

Served w peanut sauce

Spring rolls (3)

Minced chicken, prawn and glass noodles. Served with plum sauce

Money bags (3)

Chicken, crabmeat, prawns and peanut wrapped in pastry.


Prawn soup

Prawn seasoned w/ lemon grass, chili, lime and Thai herbs

Seafood soup

Mixed seafood seasoned w/ lemon grass, chili lime and Thai herbs

Soups main course size


Red curry

Choice of chicken/pork fillet red chili paste, coconut milk and Thai herbs

Green curry

Choice of chicken/pork fillet red chili paste, coconut milk and Thai herbs

Yellow curry

Tender chicken cooked w/ yellow curry paste, coconut milk, potato and Thai herbs

BBQ dishes

Mixed BBQ
BBQ lamb

Special dishes

Chili basil kangaroo

Kangaroo fillet cooked w/ fresh chili basil

Chili salmon

Salmon fillet cooked w/ fresh chili, thai herbs and vegetables

Stir fried dishes

Thai foon chicken

Chicken fillet cooked w/ water chestnuts, cashew nuts and dry chili in a savoury tomato sauce

Snowpeas w king prawns

Stir fried snowpeas w/ fresh king prawns in thai style

Rice dishes

Crab fried rice
Seafood fried rice

Thai salad


CHopped chicken fillet seasoned w/ Thai herbs, fresh chili and lemon juice

BBQ pork salad

BBQ pork cooked w/ lemon juice, lemon grass, chili and Thai herbs


Millonaire noodles

Fied rice noodles w/ combination meats, seafood and vegetables

Sizzling noodles

Fried rice noodles w/ fresh chili seafood and vegetables

Vegetarian entrée

Corn fritter

Served w/ sweet chili sauce

Spring rolls (4)

Glass noodles, mushroom and vegetables served w/ plum sauce

Vegetarian mains

Panang curry

Vegetables with red curry paste and Thai herbs

Chili nut tofu

Fried tofu w fresh chili

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