About The Dock

A friendly environment for all things entertainment! Located at the eastern end of Foreshore’s harbour, The Dock is a venue where patrons can dine by the water. Following the picture perfect view, the ‘live’ experience of sporting games is brought to you. Not only that, there is a large variety of menu options, ranging from seafood, pizzas, to burgers, and that will surely keep you satisfied. Come here for the afternoon or night and spoil yourself with the tantalising view and a beer or wine by your side. Providing some of the best craft beers and wines from the Canberra region and beyond, you’ll be sure to find a drink that tickles your fancy. Bring the whole family or a group of friends! It’s an environment that welcomes all - big or small. Best dish: Beef, mushroom & guinness pie with mash potato.

The Dock Address

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