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Yummy yum cha Forget omelettes and corn fritters for Sunday brunch and head to Haymarket instead for a deliciously chaotic meal of steamed dumplings, Chinese broccoli and roast pork. On the weekends, all 750 seats of The Eight’s sprawling dining room are occupied with almost as many people jostling for a spot in the line outside. Luckily, an army of super efficient trolley dollies with steaming baskets are ready to hand out your first pork bun almost as soon as your bum hits the seat. The high turnover means that everything is generally hot and steaming fresh from the kitchen. The roast BBQ pork is sweet and moist and the braised eggplant with fish sauce is some of the stickiest (and most enjoyable) in town. Don’t be shy when the dumpling trolley comes around, either. There’s a great combination of meat, seafood and vegetarian options and everything is handmade to fluffy perfection. Best dish: Special prawn dumplings

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