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Valentine's Day

For Valentine's Dinner Bookings

Please call 02 9270 1170 or go to our website, www.themalaya.com.au


Salt and Pepper Scampi

Scampi, lightly dusted with flour, deep-fried and tossed in fresh chilli, salt, cracked black pepper and shallots (20 minutes - subject to availability). 3 per serve

Otak Otak

White fish minced with chilli and spices, wrapped in a banana leaf and barbequed. 2 per serve

Satay Chicken

Singaporean style marinated pieces of chicken, skewered, barbequed and served with a satay sauce made from fresh peanuts and chilli. 4 per serve

Roti Jala

Malay style crepe filled with minced lamb, potato, onion, peas and fresh chilli. Served with curry chicken sauce. 2 per serve


Thin pastry skins filled with shredded chicken, prawns, shallots, vermicelli and bean sprouts. Served with a sweet soy sauce and ground fresh nuts. 2 per serve

Sayor Otak

Silken tofu topped with a blend of eggplant, mushroom, tomato, lemongrass and chilli paste, wrapped in a banana leaf and barbequed. 2 per serve


Prawn Laksa

An old Malaya favourite. Rice vermicelli and beansprouts topped with prawns, served in a spicy milk soup, garnished with tofu, dry onion, shallots, coriander and finished with Malaya Laksa chilli

Singapore Curry Fish

Authentic Singaporean style curry made with tomato and eggplant. Medium hot (20 minutes)

Kapitan Chicken

Penang Style curry sauce made with fresh chilli and coconut milk served with lightly battered pieces of chicken thigh fillet. (Can be made without batter on request)


Short Soup

Steamed pork, prawn and mushroom dumplings served in a light chicken broth with shallots.

Sweet Corn Soup

Diced chicken and sweet corn combined with chicken broth, thickened with egg.

Shing Lau Tong

Szechuan hot and sour soup cooked with shredded chicken, black fungus, tofu, bamboo strips and chilli oil.


Original Malaya Curry Prawn

These curries have been made to our original recipe since 1963.

Original Malaya Curry Beef
Masak Lemak Fish

Your choice of seafood poaced in traditional Nonya Masak Lemak style curry sauce. With prawn +$3

Other selections

Hai Nan Chicken

Hainanese poached chicken served at room temperature with chicken rice, cucumber, fresh garlic, ginger and shallot sauce, and a fresh chilli sauce

Chilli Honey Peas beef/chicken/prawn

Marinated pieces of beef, chicken thigh fillet or prawns stir-fried with honey peas, shredded Chinese mushroom, laksa chilli and fresh chilli.


Asparagus Kerabu

Fresh asparagus, honey peas and shredded Chinese mushroom stir-fried with garlic, fresh coconut and chilli.

Fresh Seasonal Vegetables

Seasonal greens stir-fried with garlic, soy sauce and fresh chilli.

Chilli Beansprouts and Garlic Chives

Bean sprouts, garlic chives, snow peas, black fungus and shredded Chinese mushroom stir-fried with garlic, soy sauce and fresh chilli.


Nasi Goreng

Traditional Indonesian fried rice cooked with chicken, prawn, egg, peas, potato, tomato and chilli.

Fried Rice

Rice stir-fried with prawn, roast pork, egg and shallot

Chicken Rice (pp)

Rice cooked with chicken stock, garlic, ginger and pandan leaves.

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