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Noble or not? Just when you thought pubs couldn´t get classier, The Noble Experiment takes centre stage. We have to admit, Collingwood´s Smith Street is the perfect location for this trendy, youngish-but-elegant pub. So what was ‘the noble experiment’ anyway? Well, it was a very sad time in the twenties when the government didn´t let people have any booze. The restaurant sure takes an ironic jab at that failed experiment, as its highly equipped and tightly managed bar makes a big name for itself. When it comes to food, The Noble Experiment is no less exciting. The masterful head chef Cameron Bell is young and hip-to-the-beat so he knows his contemporary cooking. Plus he´s travelled the world learning his craft so he´s not exactly a newbie to the game either. He makes all the food at The Noble to share, which makes eating their all the more fun and interesting. And there are even a selection of exceptional cooked to order family feasts to choose from. Although the noble experiment had to fail, at least we´ve got Smith Street´s The Noble. Best dish: heritage pork noble feast

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