About Toko Sydney

This chic Japanese bar located in Crown Street Surry Hills, is a style of drinking and dining restaurant that is unique to Japan. It’s called Izakaya, and it’s where the small delicious portions are ordered gradually and shared among friends. It’s a long evening of grazing while you drink. Toko is a stunning space, where everything from the tiny little clay plates to the sleek low tables give it a stylish-modern appeal. Even the bar has been designed by a renowned local artist, Reni Kung. Toko boasts an abundant selection of seafood which is exceptionally fresh and prepared by a loving chef. Heavier dishes include chicken and beef, marinated with classic oriental flavours such as delicate miso and spicy ginger. In Japanese, a "toko" is a room for relaxing, so this is what Toko Restaurant is all about. Come along with friends, share tasty treats, sit back and relax! Best Dish: duck breast

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