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à la carte


Vegetarian spring rolls (4pcs)
Fish cakes (4 pcs)
Takoyaki (octopus ball)(6 pcs)


Goong ma kham

Grilled jumbo king prawns in tamarind sauce, crispy shallots & spicy mandarin jam

Beach to bush

Deep fried whole barramundi w/Thai style lime dressing and mixed crispy Thai herbs

Prawn teriyaki

Grilled king prawns w/tom khao teriyaki sauce style

Chicken teriyaki

Grilled marinated chicken w/tom khao teriyaki sauce style


Tom yum clear soup

Exotic mild Thai spicy & sour soup with lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, galangal & tomatos (prawn)


Larb chicken

Spicy minced chicken salad w/red onions, spring onions, mint and crushed roasted rice with homemade Thai spicy dressing

Yum seafood

Thai spicy salad w/scallops, calamaris, mussels, king prawns & fish fillets

Char grilled

BBQ beef (crying tiger)

Char grilled marinated tender beef on sizzling pan served with seaweed and hot & spicy tamarind sauce

Goong yai yang

Char grilled jumbo king prawns served w/salad & sesame dressing & Thai style chilli & lime dressing sauce

Thai stir- fried

Garlic & pepper

Roasted duck


Green curry

Roasted duck

Red curry

Roasted duck

Special curries

Pineapple red roasted duck carry


Laksa noodle soup

Golden crispy noodle & thin rice noodle in coconut creamy laksa soup(roasted duck)

Fried rice

Thai fried rice


Rice & side dishes

Coconut rice
Roti bread
Steamed veggies
Peanut sauce

Just for kids

Fried rice with chicken
Chicken satay with rice & peanut sauce


Vanilla ice cream with lychees
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