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Vietnamese ravioli

Daily made rice flour parcel filled with a combination of pork, prawn, carrot & daikon or A vegetable compote & fresh Vietnamese herbs Served with mint, cucumber & coconut milk

Minh mang pancake

Corn & turmeric fusion pancake served with smashed avocado & chickpeas, topped with freshly grated beetroot & toasted coconut

Fresh spring rolls

Two delicate rice paper rolls with a choice of Pork . Prawn . Tofu Combined with the fresh flavours of three Vietnamese mints, salad & noodles Served with Tran’s dressing OR Hoisin sauce

Ginger scallops

Four fresh grilled Tasmanian sea scallops served in a porcelain spoon with vivid green soya beans, fresh ginger, shallots & Tran’s vegetable compote

Duck pancakes

Four traditional Saigon style pancakes filled with Tran’s special duck & thinly sliced vegetables Served with Hoisin sauce

Crispy pancake

Perfected over many years, Tran’s unique pancake served with Pork, prawn, fresh sprouts & mushroom OR Tofu, wild mushroom & fresh sprouts Served with crisp lettuce & Vietnamese herbs


Hoi an vegetable curry

A mild full flavoured traditional curry made with seasonal vegetables, tofu, creamy coconut milk & fresh Vietnamese basil

Green budha

Wok-tossed Brussels sprouts, French green beans, king oyster mushrooms, with coriander & Tran’s house made lemon pepper sauce

Bun thit nuong

Chargrilled thinly sliced pork belly flavoured with lemongrass served on a bed of rice noodles, fresh mints, Vietnamese pickles & Tran’s dressing

Hanoi fish

Fresh Trevally marinated in turmeric, pan fried with dill & chives served over a bed of rice noodles & fresh Vietnamese herbs & salad

Fish or prawn curry

A choice of fish or prawn curry made with traditional spices in a mild coconut curry sauce with kaffir lime leaves & coriander

Quang minh tofu

Lemongrass tofu cooked in sesame oil served with bok choy greens and Ponzu sauce

Buddha salad

Grilled sliced tofu with turmeric served with fennel, three mints & Tran’s dressing

Cassava rice noodles

Glassy rice noodles, crisp wok-tossed bok choy greens, tofu & shallots with a pungent combination of herbs

Brown rice buddha

Brown rice transformed with a medley of traditional vegetables & herbs tossed in a soy & ginger sauce

Bo luc lac

Tenderised, wok-tossed Wagu beef combined with capsicum, shallot & chilli served on a bed of watercress with Tran’s lemon & pepper sauce

Crispy boneless duck

Tender sliced duck is served on wok-tossed Gai choy greens with a choice of Plum & Ginger OR Sesame & Soy sauce

Lemongrass & ginger chicken

Lemongrass, kaffir lime leaves, chilli, tamarind & bok choy greens combine to create a fresh, light, pungent dish of corn fed chicken

Organic goat curry

Mild, dry minced goat curry made with spices & garlic chive pickles served with a plate sized handmade black sesame rice cracker


Sweet sugar snap peas
Truffle organic baby corn
Steamed vegetables
Oven roasted Brussels sprouts with onion, garlic & toasted coconut flakes
Steamed jasmine rice
Steamed brown rice

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