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Waterfront dining The menu at Waterfront Station Pier is broken up like this: Oyster Bar, Crustacean, Live Tank, Seafood Platters, Mussel Pots, Ocean, Whole Fish, Salads and Sides. If you haven’t already guessed this restaurant has a fondness for dishes centered around the sea. With a prime location on Port Melbourne's Station pier overlooking the water, Waterfront is a fine-diner specialising in seafood and Japanese inspired cuisine. The menu is extensive and varied so give yourself plenty of time to peruse through your options before making any decisions. If seafood isn’t your thing, don't worry, you won't go hungry, there’s still plenty of options available from the grill that will easily please your palate. With five separate dining areas, this waterfront wonder caters for a range of dining occasions, from intimate dinners through to functions for your next big celebration. Best dish: Waterfront Chilled Platter - Queensland King prawns, 1 dozen pacific oysters, blue swimmer crabs, Moreton Bay bugs, marinated spring bay mussels, cocktail sauce, jalepeno & apple chutney, tartare sauce & fresh lemon

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