About Wharf Teppanyaki

A flamin’ night out! Get ready for a Teppanyaki eating experience unlike any other. Wharf Teppanyaki brings drama and theatrics to the table as chefs whip up freshly grilled food on one of the twelve cooking stations, right in front of your very eyes. It’s a show of fire and skill at this open plan eatery. Located on King Street Wharf, with stunning water views and a sumptuously decorated interior, this really is a truly unique teppanyaki dining destination. As you enter the room, your eyes will be drawn upwards to the stainless steel ventilation hood that spans the entire room - but don’t question its presence, you’ll be thankful post meal when you don’t leave the wharf all smoky and smelling of food. For a night out with friends, date night, or just something different, Wharf Teppanyaki ticks all the boxes. Best dish: No. 1 Special - a crab salad, avocado and Hiramasa kingfish roll smothered in 'secret sauce' .

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