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Into the Woods Woodland House in Prahran is likely to be your next favourite restaurant – once you’ve tried it, that is. Everything about Woodland House is extraordinary – from the delightful website that serves as your introduction, through to the picturesque façade of the grand Victorian mansion that houses the restaurant, the manicured gardens, the incredible interiors with magnificent statement pendant lights, the ornate fireplaces, the arched windows, and the starched white cloths on the tables – you name it, everything is exquisite. And then there is the food! The theme set by the owners/chefs is “a playful sense of adventure and whimsy” – so you have been forewarned. Woodland House offers a tasting menu of five or eight courses, a separate menu for vegetarians plus lunch and a la carte menus. Try the Gippsland lamb fillet with saffron, lettuce, and cured belly or the sour plum glazed duck, whole wheat gnocchi, and aged balsamic vinegar. Best dish: Bombe Alaska – served with sea water caramel and goats’ curd

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