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Por Pia Tod (3 pieces)

Vegetarian spring rolls served with sweet chilli sauce

Tod Mun Pla

Thai fish cakes served with cucumber relish, crushed peanuts and crispy basil

Sago Sai Moo (4 pieces)

Steamed sago balls stuffed with pork mince, preserved turnip and ground peanuts

Salmon Zaep

Thinly sliced raw fresh salmon bedded on shredded cabbage and topped with homemade Nam-Jim (lime, chilli and herb dressing)

Talay Tod

Thai style seafood pancake bedded on lightly fried bean sprouts, served with chilli sauce

Gai Golek (2 skewers)

Thai southern style chargrilled, marinated chicken skewers with Golek sauce, served with cucumber relish

Nua Satay (2 skewers)v

Thai style marinated beef skewers served with peanut sauce and cucumber relish

Moo Ping (2 skewers)

Bangkok style marinated pork skewer served with Nam-Jim-Jaew (northeastern style dipping sauce)

Larb Tod

Deep fried Thai style spicy pork meatballs served with greens and sweet chilli sauce


Moo Krob Prik Khing

Stir fried beans with crispy pork belly in house special chilli paste

Kanang Moo Krob

Stir fried Brussels sprouts with crispy pork belly, chilli and garlic

Kha Moo

Eight-hour slow cooked skinless pork knuckle, shitake mushrooms, tofu and quail eggs in master stock, served with blanched Chinese broccoli and pickled mustard greens

Pla Nueng

Steamed local fish fillet of the day with a choice of sauces: Soy and ginger chilli or garlic and lime

Pla Tod

Deep fried local fi8sh fillet of the day with a choice of: House special sweet chilli sauce, or green apple salad


Gaeng Massaman

Ossobuco Massaman curry with sweet potato and cashew nuts

Gaeng Gai

Chicken green curry with bamboo shoots, Thai eggplants and basil

Gaeng Ped

Roast duck red curry with pineapple, cherry tomatoes, lychees and basil

Choo Chee Salmon

Crispy skin salmon fillet with steamed greens, topped with Choo Chee sauce

Rice & Noodles

Pad Thai

Stir fried Mud Tok thin rice noodles with egg, chicken or beef, dried shrimps, tofu, preserved turnip, shallots, bean sprouts and garlic chives, topped with crushed peanuts

Pad See-ew

Stir fried flat rice noodles with sweet soy sauce, egg, chicken or beef and Chinese broccoli

Pad Kee Mao

Stir fried flat rice noodles with chicken or beef, chilli garlic and Thai herbs

Khao Pad

Fried rice with egg, chicken or beef and Chinese broccoli

Khao Pad Sub Pa Rod

Fried rice with egg, prawns and onion, topped with pork floss and cashew nuts


Som Tum

Shredded green papaya, carrot, snake beans and cherry tomatoes in Som Tum dressing with roasted peanuts and dried shrimp

Yum Hua Pli

Shredded banana blossom, chicken mince and prawns tossed with chilli jam dressing, roasted coconut, herbs and cashew nuts, topped with coconut cream and a quartered boiled egg

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