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Lunch special

Makanek Wrap

Delicious spicy Lebanese sausages with hommus, fresh mesclun leaves, tomato, pickles, onion & tabouli

Lamb Wrap

Marinated grilled lamb on a bed of tzatziki, mesclun lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles & tabouli

Haloumi Wrap

Grilled haloumi with a spread of baba ghanoush, black olives, tomato, cucumber and lettuce

Eggplant & Cauliflower Wrap

Grilled eggplant and fried cauliflower in tahini dressing topped with mesclun lettuce, tomato, onion & tabouli

Lunch Skewer Special 1

Two skewers of our appetizing meats on a bed of seasoned onions ! ! served with tabouli or cabbage salad with chicken/kafta

Lunch Skewer Special 2

Two skewers of our appetizing meats on a bed of seasoned onions ! ! served with tabouli or cabbage salad with lamb



Zaida’s most loved salad of mesclun leaves, cut fresh garden vegetables and fried bread tossed in sumac and lemon dressing and topped with fresh pomegranate seeds


A refreshing salad of chopped parsley, cracked wheat, tomato and onion with freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil

Grilled Chicken Salad*

Tender chicken breast served on a freshly mixed salad of tomato, spanish onion, cucumber, mesclun leaves & oregano with lemon dressing

Grilled Lamb Salad*

Succulent diced lamb nestled in a mixed salad of tomato, cucumber, spanish onion, capsicum, mesclun leaves and lightly tossed in lemon dressing

Rocket & Pumpkin*

A delicious salad nestled in rocket, tossed with toasted pistachio and almond, pumpkin, feta with lemon dressing


Traditional Middle Eastern Dips

A platter of mixed home-made dips (hommus, tzatziki & baba ghanoush) served with lightly toasted Lebanese bread


Pureed chickpeas blended with lemon juice, garlic, extra virgin olive oil & tahini

Labneh Dip*

A tangy traditional Lebanese yoghurt served with olives and extra virgin olive oil


Mixed Pickles*

Pickle cucumbers, turnips, chilli & olives

Lebanese Garlic Bread

Toasted Lebanese bread filled with savoury garlic sauce drizzled with za’atar

Hommus with Minced Meat & Pine Nuts*

Hommus dip topped with minced meat roasted pine nuts, garnished with toasted almonds & pistachio

Arayes Kafta

Toasted Lebanese bread filled with minced lamb in fresh parsley & onion


Half-moon shaped pastry filled with sautéed onions, minced meat, spices



Three succulent chicken skewers marinated in Lebanese spices, hommus & garlic dips


Kafta Three char-grilled minced lamb seasoned with fresh parsley, onion, and authentic Lebanese spices, hommus & baba ghanoush dips


Three appetizing lamb skewers marinated in our special house seasoning, hommus & tzatziki dips


Six domes of homemade delicious fried ground chickpeas & sesame seeds mixed with Lebanese spices, tahini, hommus & baba ghanoush dips


Two homemade falafels, fried cauliflower dressed in tahini & sesame seeds with two char-grilled haloumi, tahini, hommus & baba ghanoush dips


Two homemade falafels, grilled eggplant, fried cauliflower dressed in tahini & sesame seeds, tahini, hommus & baba ghanoush dips

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