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Spiced green peas and potatoes wrapped in thin golden pastry served w/ tamarind mind chutney

Paneer tikka

Home made cottage cheese marianted in Achari (Pickle) masala and cooked in the tandoor w/ mint chutney

Onion pakoda

SLiced onion dipped in chickpeas floor and deep fried served w/ tomato garlic chutney and tamarind chutney

Papdi chaat

Crispy flat purées topped w/ potato, chickpeas, sweet yoghurt and mixed chutneys

Non veg

Muglai chicken tikka

Tandoor cooked thigh fillet w/ yoghurt, cashew nut, pepper, ginger and garlic w/ mint chutney

Chilli chicken

Chicken thigh fillet tossed w/ garlic, onion, capsicum, chili sauce and vinegar

Lamb chops adhraki

Lamb cutlets marinated w fresh ginger, crushed coriander seed, green chili and lemon juice served w/ spiced maashed potatoes

Pepper prawns

Baked king prawns w/ pepper, crushed coriander and curry leafs, served w/ coconut and green herbs chutney


Palak paneer

Home made cottage cheese w/ pure spinach tempered w/ cumin, chopped ginger and garlic finish w/ touch of cream

Aloo gobu

Poatoes and cauliflower tossed w/ fennel, cloves, onion and tomatoes

Dal Makhani

Red Kidney bean black lentil, yellow lentil soaked overnight, slow cooked, tempered w/ cumin, garlic, fenugreek leaves and asafoetida

Malai kofta

Cottage cheese dumplings served w/ chef special sauce

Non vegetarian

Butter chicken

Tandoor cooked chicken whigh w/ tomatoes, fenugreek leaves, honey and creamy sauce

Palak mutgh

Chicken w/ pure spinach temper w cumin, garlic, choppped ginger and fenugreek

Murg kali mirch

Chicken thigh fillet w/ black peppers, crushed coriander and puree tomatoes

Chicken biryani

Rice and chicken slow cooked w/ freshly ground spices, fresh coriander and mint

Nepalese delight

Chicken/ vegetable momo

Steamed dumplings w/ tomato chutney

Poleko chicjen/ mutton choila set

Tandoor cooked tempered w/ fenugreek seeds, whole chilis, tomatoes and garlic

Chicken/ mutton sekuwa

Smoked and grilled w/ Nepali spices

Bhatmas sadeko

Satbean deep fried and tossed w/ mustard oil, onions, chili and coriander

Rice & naan bread

Steam basmati rice
Zeera pulau rice
Kashmiri pulau rice
Plain naan
Cheese naan


Bottle of wine
Glass of wine

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