The Best Restaurants in Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)

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Cugini's - Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)
Great Deal



    350 Nicholson St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

    8.8 / 10
    486 reviews

    Average price $40

    50% off the 'à la carte' menu!

    To pair with a bottle of prosecco it was a match!...

    Ish Restaurant - Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)


    199 Gertrude St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

    9.2 / 10
    266 reviews

    Average price $65

    30% off the 'à la carte' menu!

    Mains was the butter paneer with naans and saffron rice

    Boardies Bar - Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)
    Great Deal


      189 Smith St, 3065, Fitzroy

      8.6 / 10
      13 reviews

      Average price $35

      50% off the 'à la carte' menu!

      Pino Pinelli - Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)


        9 Peel St, 3066, Collingwood (VIC)

        8.9 / 10
        44 reviews

        Average price $55

        30% off the 'à la carte' menu!

        Fitz Curry Cafe - Fitzroy, Melbourne (VIC)


          44 Johnston Street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

          9.3 / 10
          38 reviews

          Average price $20

          Yummy Indian food - quick...

          Kleo's Dining Room, Fitzroy (VIC)


            175 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

            9.1 / 10
            100 reviews

            Average price $50

            Amazing food quality, more like fine dining Chinese cuisine

            Poodle Bar & Bistro, Fitzroy (VIC)


              81-83 Gertrude St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

              8.9 / 10
              12 reviews

              Average price $60

              Rocco's Bologna, Fitzroy (VIC)


                15 Gertrude St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                Average price $40

                Kinyoubi Japanese - Sushi & Izakaya Bar, Fitzroy (VIC)


                  117 Smith Street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                  8.3 / 10
                  76 reviews

                  Average price $35

                  Mukka Indian Restaurant, Fitzroy (VIC)


                    365 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                    7.5 / 10
                    33 reviews

                    Average price $30

                    Fresh, carefully spiced, not oily (particularly the naan)

                    Bar Stock Shuffle, Fitzroy (VIC)


                      3/296 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                      Average price $37

                      Near & Far Bar, Fitzroy (VIC)


                        373 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                        10.0 / 10
                        34 reviews

                        Average price $25

                        So glad I found it and will be back. Food was great as well

                        Blue Chillies, Fitzroy (VIC)


                          182 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                          9.9 / 10
                          67 reviews

                          Average price $45

                          Thoroughly recommend the curry puffs, roti and beef rendang

                          Yeshi Ethiopian Restaurant, Fitzroy (VIC)


                            328 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                            8.7 / 10
                            20 reviews

                            Average price $50

                            Anada, Fitzroy (VIC)


                              197 Gertrude st, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                              Average price $75

                              5 Course Set Menu $85

                              Delicious. We had each had a glass of wine, a tapas item...

                              El Camino Cantina Melbourne, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                222 Brunswick Street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                Average price $44

                                Our group dined at El Camino Cantina over opening weekend...

                                Suzi Cheek’s, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                  325 Smith St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                  Average price $50

                                  Kanela Tapas Bar, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                    56 Johnston Street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                    Average price $65

                                    We also sampled the prawns, squid, sardines, lamb...

                                    Bimbo Deluxe, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                      376 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                      Average price $18

                                      Hecho En Mexico, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                        326 brunswick street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                        Average price $35

                                        Tacos were the best!

                                        Si Senorita, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                          312 Brunswick Street, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                          Average price $35

                                          The fish tacos and ceviche were my top pick!...

                                          The Provincial Hotel, Fitzroy (VIC)


                                            299 Brunswick St, 3065, Fitzroy (VIC)

                                            Average price $45

                                            Great Tuesday night meal shared the chicken Parma and pizza

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                                            Frequently Asked Questions

                                            One of Melbourne’s liveliest suburbs but only three kilometre from the CBD, Fitzroy is the epicentre of Melbourne cool and packed with eclectic bars, restaurants, corner pubs, nightspots, street art and eclectic boutiques. The main drag is Brunswick street where you’ll find vintage clothing stores, record shops and plenty of cafes and bars.

                                            The weekend artists’ market in Rose Street draws regular crowds looking for all things artisan and handmade. Gertrude Street is popular for its galleries, design and art-supply stores and a host of buzzy eateries and bars. Close to a number of universities and colleges, Fitzroy is a popular haunt for students and young professionals.