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Marmara Restaurant - Prahran, Melbourne (VIC)


    Marmara Restaurant

    68 Chapel Street, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

    9.2 / 10
    604 reviews

    Average price $35

    For dessert, we had Baklava and Kadaif. So...

    Kaya Izakaya - Prahran, Melbourne (VIC)
    Great Deal


      286 Chapel St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

      8.7 / 10
      302 reviews

      Average price $40

      50% off the 'à la carte' menu!

      Great Japanese food. We had the kingfish...

      La Majestic - Prahran, Melbourne (VIC)
      Great Deal


        412 High St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

        8.5 / 10
        62 reviews

        Average price $60

        40% off a la carte, some exclusions may apply

        This restaurant serves fusion European food

        Borsch Vodka & Tears - Prahran, Melbourne (VIC)


          173 Chapel St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

          8.8 / 10
          68 reviews

          Average price $50

          30% off the 'à la carte' menu!

          We shared the Ukranian Borsht and the goulash

          Mr Wilson - Prahran, Melbourne (VIC)
          Great Deal

            43 Mount St, 3181, Prahran

            8.2 / 10
            76 reviews

            Average price $25

            50% off the 'à la carte' menu!

            The food is fantastic and a good selection to choose from

            Grand Lafayette, Prahran (VIC)
            Great Deal


              9 Clifton St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

              8.4 / 10
              211 reviews

              Average price $60

              40% off the 'à la carte' menu!

              The Japanese food are very authentic and yummy!...

              TRATTORIA EATALIANO, Windsor (VIC)


                122 High St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                9.4 / 10
                25 reviews

                Average price $45

                Ruelle Wine Bar, Prahran (VIC)
                Great Deal


                  30 Chatham St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                  8.2 / 10
                  28 reviews

                  Average price $40

                  30% off the 'à la carte' menu!

                  Food and wine was absolutely amazing. Will 100% be back!...

                  4Ten Izakaya, Windsor (VIC)


                    410 High St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                    9.1 / 10
                    658 reviews

                    Average price $45

                    Go to dishes: Yakitori Set (especially Chicken Yakitori)...

                    Lah Bros, Windsor (VIC)


                      119 Chapel St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                      9.8 / 10
                      8 reviews

                      Average price $40

                      Firebird, Prahran


                        223 High St, 3181, Prahran

                        9.5 / 10
                        9 reviews

                        Average price $80

                        Entrecote, Prahran (VIC)


                          142 Greville St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                          8.8 / 10
                          25 reviews

                          Average price $150

                          Amazing French Cuisine Restaurant! Taste & quality food...

                          Tokyo Tina, Windsor (VIC)


                            66A Chapel St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                            8.7 / 10
                            25 reviews

                            Average price $65

                            The food is mouth wateringly delicious!...

                            Thinking of Pizzas, Prahran (VIC)
                            Great Deal


                              334 Chapel St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                              8.3 / 10
                              12 reviews

                              Average price $60

                              Delicious thin and crispy crust pizza

                              Neptune Food and Wine, Prahran (VIC)


                                High St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                Average price $70

                                Hutong Peking Duck & Dumpling, Prahran (VIC)


                                  162 Commercial Rd., 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                  Average price $45

                                  Xiao Long Bao & Prawn dumplings were the stand outs

                                  Mr Miyagi, Windsor (VIC)


                                    99 Chapel ST, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                                    Woodland House, Prahran (VIC)


                                      78 Williams Road, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                      Glass of wine is closer to half a glass

                                      Angus & Bon, Prahran (VIC)


                                        168 Greville Street, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                        Average price $40

                                        Wide range of wines, although I sampled the local beer

                                        Mount Erica Hotel, Prahran (VIC)


                                          420 High Street, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                          The wine list and beers on tap were varied

                                          L'Hotel Gitan, Prahran (VIC)


                                            32 Commercial Road, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                            Average price $85

                                            Our waiter helped us choose our meals and wine thoughtfully

                                            Jalisco Mexican, Windsor (VIC)


                                              69 Chapel St, 3181, Windsor (VIC)

                                              Average price $30

                                              3 Brothers on Chapel, Windsor


                                                50 Chapel St, 3181, Windsor

                                                Average price $35

                                                Amazing food, some the best Indian we’ve ever had!...

                                                The Silverlake Social, Prahran (VIC)


                                                  198 Chapel St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                                  Average price $20

                                                  White Oaks Saloon Bar and Dining, Prahran (VIC)


                                                    115-117 Greville St, 3181, Prahran (VIC)

                                                    Average price $35

                                                    Really nice place, I would love more veggies options

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                                                    Go where the cool people go and check out a range of alternative and industrial chic cafes in Prahran. After brunch, browse Greville St Records, a Melbourne institution. This inner suburb of Melbourne is an upmarket area for young professionals. Chapel Street is the main strip here, where there’s always something new and boundary pushing when it comes to food or fashion.

                                                    For divine produce, make sure you visit Prahran Market. Vendors sell a huge range of fresh seafood, meat, poultry, fruit and veg, deli goods and local gourmet items. Southeast Asian restaurants are popular in this area. With lots of options, each has its own edge in terms of specialty meals and interior design. David’s in particular is renowned as being Shanghai in Melbourne. Pop in for dumplings, noodles and stir fries done right. If you’re not in the mood for food, you’ll find any number of bars and nightclubs in the area or a studio for a hot yoga class. Take your pick!