TheFork rewards your appetite and your loyalty

Yums are the loyalty points that you earn when you book on TheFork**.
You can then convert them into loyalty discounts of $20 or $50 in participating restaurants. This loyalty discount can not be combined with promotional offers.
Your loyalty discount is displayed on the restaurant page and you can select a time slot that accepts Yums when you book.

1000 Yums =
loyalty discount*
2000 Yums =
loyalty discount*

How to earn Yums?

When you book on the app
When you book on the desktop or mobile website

How to enjoy your loyalty discount?

Earn 1000 Yums
Choose a Yums participating restaurant
Select a time slot that accepts Yums
The restaurant takes $20 off your final bill

Learn more about Yums

When are my Yums attributed?

Only 3 days after your meal.

How do I know how many Yums I have?

Connect to your loyalty space.

How long are my Yums valid?

Yums are valid for 1 year after their acquisition. For example, Yums acquired on January 3rd 2019 are valid until January 31st 2020.

What is the maximum amount of Yums that I can spend?

You can spend 2000 Yums per booking, giving you a $50 discount on the bill. If the discount is more than the bill, the restaurant will not pay the difference.

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