Our loyalty programme

TheFork rewards your loyalty and your love of food

What are "Yums"?

Yums are loyalty points that you earn when you book with TheFork. You can convert them into loyalty discounts of $20 or $50 at participating partner restaurants. These discounts cannot be redeemed in conjunction with other promotional offers.

1000 Yums



* discount on your booking

2000 Yums



* discount on your booking

How do I earn Yums?



At all our restaurants, by booking on the app or on the website



You can earn 2x more Yums on each booking you make at our restaurants tagged as "Double Yums"



For every friend you invite to make their first booking.

How do I spend my Yums?

The place

Pick a participating partner restaurant.

The day

Pick a time slot when the restaurant accepts Yums.

Select your offer

Choose to exchange your Yums for a $20 or $50 discount.


Your $20 or $50 discount will automatically come off your bill!

More about Yums

How long are my Yums valid for?

Yums are valid for one year. They can be exchanged until the last day of the month in which they expire. For example, the Yums that you earn on November 3, 2020 will expire on November 30, 2021.

How many Yums can you spend?

You can spend a maximum of 2000 Yums per booking, with a $50 discount on the final bill. If the discount is higher than the bill, the restaurant will not pay the difference.

When do I get my Yums?

Three days after your meal, if you honor your booking.

How do I find out how many Yums I have?

You can visit the section "My Loyalty Programme."

Make your booking and start enjoying your Yums!

We reward your loyalty

Earn 1000 YUMS for your first reservation with the app by entering the code APP23.

Any more questions?

* in partner restaurants of the programme.

** You do not earn Yums when you book with a loyalty discount.